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Nestlé Purina German Shorthaired Pointer Handler of the Year Awards Program
(Rev Jan.1, 2014)

Nestlé Purina PetCare Company is pleased to sponsor the "German Shorthaired Pointer Handler of the Year Awards Program." The award is designed to reward and recognize the Open Handler and Amateur Handler who accumulates the greatest number of points in qualifying horse-back trials as determined by the Handler Awards Committee. The committee will consist of six members (three each selected by the GSPCA and the NGSPA) and will approve qualifying trials and modify guidelines as appropriate.

Open Handler: Points accumulated in Open Shooting Dog, Open Gun Dog, Open Limited Gun Dog, Open All Age, Open Limited All Age, and all Open Grand Limited Stakes.
Amateur Handler: Points accumulated in handling dogs that they themselves own, co-own with an amateur, or are within the allowable limits of amateur handled dogs (currently 3 for NGSPA and 2 for AKC) in the following stakes: Amateur Shooting Dog, Amateur Gun Dog, Amateur Limited Gun Dog, Amateur All Age, Amateur Limited All Age, and all Amateur Grand Limited Stakes. AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog National and GSPCA Open events will permit amateurs to count wins toward amateur points if no amateur event is held.


  • NGSPA Nationals, Invitational, and all NGSPA Championships including Regionals, and Species.
  • GSPCA Nationals, GSPCA Classics, and the AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog National.
  • One American Field Trial will be included – the German All Breed (NGPDA).
  • 15 GSPCA member clubs will be selected to host an additional 15 Purina Qualifying Trials. They may designate up to four stakes, each requiring a minimum 4-Point Major. One Amateur stake (any broke dog stake); one Open stake (any broke dog stake); one Grand Amateur stake, one Grand Open stake. The selected clubs will be evenly divided between the East, Central, and West sections. The events will be held throughout the field trial season.

Winner RU 3rd 4th
NGSPA National 775 450
NGSPA Invitational 725
NGSPA Species 450 300
NGSPA Championships 300 200
GSPCA National 775 450 300 225
AKC / 30 or 45 Min 200 125
AKC Classics / 45 Min 200 125
AKC Classics/Grand 60 Min 300 200
AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Nat'l 775 450 300 225
German All Pt. Breed Nat'l 775 450
ADDITIONAL AWARD POINTS (adds to Event Points)
Dogs Entered Factor:
Champion/1st: 8 points x dogs entered
Runner Up/2nd: 4 points x dogs entered
AKC Nationals/3rd: 3 points x dogs entered
4th: 2 points x dogs entered
Invitational Champion: 8 points x total dogs run during trial
(day 1 + day 2 + day 3)
Wild Bird Trial Bonus: 50 Bonus Points for Event

TIE BREAKER SYSTEM: In case of a tie, the winner would be the handler: 1) with the highest point total in national events; 2) who defeated the highest number of dogs; 3) with the highest number of placements in recognized trials. If the tie remains unbroken, co-winners would be declared.

The "Purina German Shorthaired Pointer Handler of the Year Awards" will be presented at a banquet hosted by Nestlé Purina PetCare Company at the GSPCA Nationals.

The Open Award Winner will receive a Special GSP Handler of the Year Ring, $1,000 in cash, and 450 pounds of Purina brand product. The cash award will be doubled if the winning handler is an active Purina Pro Club member, with redemptions within the past six months. All prizes awarded by the Nestle’ Purina Company.
The Amateur Award Winner will be awarded a Special GSP Handler of the Year ring, and 450 pounds of Purina brand product. Purina will deposit 25,000 points ($250 value) in their Pro Club Account and will double it to 50,000 points ($500 value) if they are a “Purina Feeder” with redemptions within the past six months.

The Nestlé Purina Company will provide GSPCA and NGSPA clubs hosting qualifying trials with cash donation, product for winners, banners, and other applicable items. Host clubs are responsible for providing reports on winning handlers and trial write-ups to the individual designated by the Award Committee to be responsible for tabulating and publishing results.

Open Handler of the Year

2000 - George Newcomb
2001 - George Newcomb
2002 - John Steger
2003 - John Steger
2004 - Eldon Hongo
2005 - Eldon Hongo
2006 - Eldon Hongo
2007 - Eldon Hongo
2008 - Eldon Hongo
2009 - Eldon Hongo
2010 - Dennis Brath
2011 - Dennis Brath
2012 - Chris Goegan
2013 - Chris Goegan
2014 - Eldon Hongo
2015 - Dan DiMambro

Amateur Handler of the Year

2000 - DR. Ruth Blank
2001 - Helmut Schoen
2002 - Kevin Joyce
2003 - Helmut Schoen
2004 - James Messer
2005 - Joe Vicari
2006 - Don Fidler
2007 - Joe Amatulli
2008 - Goerge Wilson
2009 - Hayley Killam
2010 - Hayley Killam
2011 - Hayley Killam
2012 - Hayley Killam
2013 - Hayley Killam
2014 - Hayley Killam
2015 - Chase Verdoorn


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